I don't like newbies being taken advantage of, so here are some known tricks/bugs/secres/issues with the current Q3F.

In 2night3 (with slime passage and rain effect) there are two secrets:

1. As a demoman detonate your capture point. It will sink into the ground and you can quickly run across to the other team's.

2. There is a quad-damage ("xxxx is wearing a duck") in the top of your front entrance. Take the side way up to the upper platform (which goes across to the other team's base). Before you leave the dark stairway, look at the wall for a small grate. Climb in there, walk around, and you'll find the duck in a little pool of water.

Locations of quad damage in 32smooth (gothic looking castle map):

Blue: Shoot a little outcropping above the teleporter near one of the spawn rooms. The quad door will open on the bottom. It appears that you can also just shoot the door directly.

Red: In the "boxes room", stand on the box in the far corner and jump; it'll drop down to reveal the quad.

The sniper has a snapshot. To do this, stand still and press your fire button once quickly. It doesn't do that much damage (a head shot will still take out many classes), but it's faster than charging up your dot.

If the flag is dropped on a moving platform or in the way of a closing door (or any surface with the 'nodrop' attribute), they return immediately. If you've chased the enemy flag carrier back into his base base and it's hopeless to try to keep him from capturing, you might try attempting to kill him on an elevator or in a doorway (the door to the capture point in q3f_well and the water elevator in q3f_cbases come to mind especially).

All classes (except recon) can grenade jump, by merely holding the grenade until it explodes. Of course, you can do a little bit trickier things if you drop and jump on or near it as it explodes. Recon and Medic can use their concussion grenades to go very very far in the second way. Engineers can jump on top of doors and things to make sentries the first way. Doing grenade jumps (and indeed, using grenades at all) benefits highly from the use of a grenade timer. This functionality is built into q3f; just add the following to your q3fconfig.cfg:

set cg_grenadePrimeSound sound/misc/q3f_gren_timer_eld1.wav

It's possible to grenade jump up into a lot of areas which weren't available in old TeamFortresses (roofs in 2forts, rocks in 2night3 and 2stag, etc.). Beware of snipers hiding in or just outside your base.

The following console vars will make the game a lot easier:
set cg_lowEffects 1
set cg_impactVibration 0

The first will shut off all the smoke and crap that flametrooper rockets spew. This makes them a lot easier to snipe against. The second keeps you from shaking as much when you get hit.

There's no need for Engineers to whip out their spanners to build and upgrade. Just bind a key to:

"build autosentry ; build upgrade ; build repair ; build refill"

... now you can use this one key for all of your autosentry needs. It spits out some warning messages, but the ability to, say, upgrade in the middle of the air as you jump to a sentry far outweighs the warnings! Also note that you might have troubles if you try to build a sentry on top of a supplystation or something like that, since it may refill the supply station and use up all your cells. If you do this a lot, you might want a different key for "refill".

Bugs that have been fixed or tricks that no longer apply.

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