Scastles is a map I (Tom 7) spent a lot of time on for the now-defunct (but excellent) Q3F mod for Quake 3! It's based vaguely on an old map for Threewave CTF (Quake 1) called Da Ancient Wargrounds. Long live the old school!

Download scastles test! We used this for a playtest on 3 Feburary 2001, which was pretty much the only action this map ever saw. I intended to clean up a few playability issues, then put some polish on it, but that never happened.

scastlest2.pk3 NEW VERSION #2 (3.7 mb)

Not that good old junk:

scastles.pk3 OLD VERSION (3 mb)

readme.txt README (small)

I am interested in porting this map to a current game like Team Fortress 2, if anybody has tips on conversion.

Some older screenshots:

Here's a shot of the front of the blue base:

The atrium by the respawn rooms:

The front of the base holds the capture point:

Besides the front entrance, you can enter by climbing the rocks, or entering the broken right silo:

Or enter on either side from the water:

Here's the ramp room:

Which connects directly to the flag room...