server down!

It seems nobody plays Q3F any more, and I have been busy with graduate school in any case. This server is no longer running, so the web page is just here for historic purposes. I did really enjoy our time together! - Tom (aka snoot.com)

about the server

Dell "XPS R" 400mhz Pentium-II with 384mb 100mhz ram.

Linux 2.2.16

10mb ethernet to CMU's NCNE. 4 hops from cerf.net, alter.net, att.net, sprintlink.net, abilene (internet2), ...

If you are at a school participating in the "internet2" program (ie virginia.edu), you will likely experience extremely good ping times. wvu.edu, pitt.edu, and psu.edu all use NCNE as well, so these will be even better.

If you play here often, you may be interested in the NCNE outage schedule.

Maxplayers: 16
Map voting: no
Friendly fire: Mirror Damage
Q3F Version: Beta 1H

other stuff

Important: read the FAQ and Server Rules page!

If you like, read the slightly out-of-date Q3F Tricks and Secrets page so that you are not taken advantage of; feel free to submit more tricks on the message board.

If you'd like to communicate with me or other players here, leave a message on the message board.

coming soon


More server administrators (via the web site)

My new map, "scastles"

Other new maps?

Stats are run daily, and are produced by a program I wrote which is still in development. Leave suggestions on the message board if you have 'em. Check out any of the following sortings of the stats, and click on a player name for details. (to be counted, you must have at least 100 frags or deaths):

player/map stats

player stats
by name by ratio
by captures by frags
by deaths by sentries
by intercepts
map stats
q3f_2machse q3f_2night3
q3f_32smooth q3f_cbases
q3f_chaos3 q3f_spamtech
q3f_causeway q3f_castle
q3f_lastresort q3f_forts
q3f_well q3f_gotduck
server stats

Q3F Files

required game files
beta1.zip37.1 mb
beta1b.zip2.8 mb
beta1c.zip4.5 mb
beta1d.zip5.2 mb
beta1e.zip6.5 mb
beta1f.zip33.9 mb
beta1g.zip2.5 mb
beta1h.zip18.6 mb